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The perfect companion for the Holy month of Ramadan! We designed this planner as a perfect partner for you to increase your productivity in this month of multi-fold rewards. It is divided into sections ranging from a monthly overview to detailed daily sections, so you can track your productivity.

To reap its full benefit, we advise you to keep this planner with you throughout the month. Before Ramadan starts, we have also included a 'goals page' and a preparation page so you are ready to greet Ramadhan.

New sections include an Eid planning section, Duit Raya list, Lailatul Qadr tips, and some fun knowledge building games.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this, may Allah accept it from you and from us, Ameen!



  • Size: A5
  • Matte laminated full colour hardcover with brass wire binding
  • 96 full colour pages, beautifully designed in a fresh chic style
  • Undated so you can use it in any year



  • How to use this planner
  • Excellence of Ramadan
  • Virtues of fasting
  • My Ramadan goals
  • My Ramadan Preparations
  • Monthly planner
  • Prayer log
  • Qur’an log
  • Virtues of Qu’ran
  • How to develop Khushu’ in prayer
  • Du’a tips
  • Du’a List
  • Etiquette of Du’a
  • Du'a from Qur’an and sunnah
  • List of Dhikr
  • Good deeds list
  • My Period Plan
  • Charities List
  • 7 things to do in Lailatul Qadr
  • Ramadhan Bingo
  • Islamic Trivia
  • Daily log spreads featuring daily reminders, daily goals, daily schedule, meal planner, exercise tracker, Qur’an tracker, and more
  • Eid planner
  • Duit Raya list
  • Eid outfit planner
  • Eid travel planner
  • Sunnah of Eid

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that all the photos are captured in natural lights from all angles. The colours are made to the most similar possible and might vary from each computer settings.

Size Guide 

M: 0.55m x 2m

L: 0.65m x 2m 

Opacity Level

Level 1 is totally see-through that needs an inner to cover the neck,
Level 2 is see-through that might need an inner to cover the neck depending on the colour
Level 3 is semi see through that needs double layer to cover the neck
Level 4 is almost opaque and does not need double layer to cover the neck
Level 5 is totally opaque

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